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About Mike

Encino’s Favorite In-Home Massage Therapist

As a professional massage therapist in Encino for 5 years, I deeply enjoy helping clients alleviate any physical and mental issues they may have through the power of my massages! I take great pride in working closely with my clients to know exactly what their aches and pains are, then providing relaxing massages that address their specific issues.

With so many of my clients having busy schedules, I decided to become an In-Home Massage Therapist to serve them best. All you need to do is schedule a massage with me and I will come right to your home, so can receive a spa-quality massage without having to leave the house!

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Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

  While I am experienced in a variety of massage techniques, my specialty is a strong yet soothing Deep Tissue Massage. As every client’s body is different, I am able to provide the perfect amount of pressure depending on a person’s size, strength and ailment. 

Unlike a spa where you can be assigned a different therapist who may specialize in other techniques, when you book with me you can be assured that you will be getting a Deep Tissue Massage that will do wonders for your body and mind!

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Regular Massage Scheduling

While it’s true that a massage provides you with immediate relief while you are receiving it, regular massages also have long lasting benefits. Receiving regular massages help keep your stress levels at a minimum and keep your body functioning at the highest level. 

Just because a massage feels like you are being pampered doesn’t mean that it isn’t therapeutic. Scheduling massages regularly are an investment in your health and well-being, so making them a regular part of your wellness routine will make a positive impact on your short and long-term health.

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Commitment to Client Satisfaction

As a Massage Therapist who is dedicated to his craft, I am confident that my massage will exceed your expectations! I always take the extra step to understand the needs of my clients before every massage, so that I can provide a therapeutic massage experience that will have them feeling relieved, fresh and free when finished.

If for some reason any client feels that my massage was not up to their standards, I will not charge a penny for the massage!

Find out why hundreds of clients across Encino keep returning for regularly scheduled massages by scheduling yours today!