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local massage therapist Mobile Massage appointment only

local massage therapist Mobile Massage appointment only

local massage therapist Mobile Massage appointment onlylocal massage therapist Mobile Massage appointment onlylocal massage therapist Mobile Massage appointment only

If you have been looking for a massage that will do more than relax your muscles schedule online today!


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Mobile Massage Therapy



In home Pain relief, professional Massage Therapy By Mike and receive a top quality massage without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Lots of us sit for longer the and the body is designed for so our body starts to compensate. Lots of time we are not addressing the right muscle to really relieve everyday aches and pains. 

As a dedicated in-home local massage specialist, I have helped hundreds of clients across Encino and the surrounding area optimize their health through therapeutic massage. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs, so that I can offer a high quality massage that is perfect for their needs!

Encino’s In-Home Massage Specialist

If you are looking to receive the wide range of benefits that an in-home massage can offer, then you need to choose the area’s favorite in-home Massage Therapist. I have served the Encino area for 5 years, always leaving my clients feeling relaxed, tranquil and healthy with my specialized massage services.

Relax and Recharge With A Massage

Whether you are suffering from stress, headaches, muscle aches or back pain, a massage can help! Massages have the amazing power to benefit your mind, body and soul in many different ways, so adding it to your wellness routine can do wonders for you.

A Variety of Massage Styles

I am a professional Massage Therapist with years of experience in a variety of techniques. My specialty is offering Deep Tissue Massages with the perfect amount of pressure, however I also provide Swedish, Trigger Point and Pregnancy Massages, as well.

Affordable Packages For All

I believe that massages can play an important part in regular health, which is why I offer affordable massage packages. From 60 minutes to a full 2 hours, you can choose the right package for you! I also have special gift packages that are perfect for birthdays and more.

Massage Therapy Right In Your Home

You never have to go to a spa again with my in-home massage services! You save time, money and the stress of travel when you schedule with me, while receiving a spa-quality massage from a trusted, professional massage therapist.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

I take pride in my massage therapy, which is why I always listen to the needs of my clients and deliver a massage that is right for them. By regularly scheduling a massage with me, I will consistently provide therapy that will do wonders for both physical and mental health!


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